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Aeromotive Eliminator Stealth Fuel System - 2003 - UP Corvette - 1900HP Capable!

Product ID: A2718671

Aeromotive A1000 Stealth Fuel System - 2003-1/2 to Present Corvette

Aeromotive A1000 Corvette Stealth kits--concealed high horsepower for any application. No matter what add-ons you've given your late C5 or C6, the quiet, cool operation of these fuel systems will be the only one you ever need! Corvette Stealth kits feature a single A1000 fuel pump capable of supporting big horsepower slides into your factory tank and utilizes the factory jet siphon system--1000 hp on forced induction and 1300 hp on naturally aspirated. No more drilling, no more multiple pumps to risk failure, no more surge tanks, no more mess. Aeromotive "in tank" systems offer a serious reduction in installation time and investment, too. Simply hook up your two wires, feed the line and you're done! How many fuel pumps does your Corvette need? Just one! Whether carbureted or EFI, supercharged or turbocharged, Aeromotive A1000 Corvette Stealth kits are a truly clever fit.

• Fits 2003 1/2 and later Corvettes (Late C5 and C6)

• Supports up to 1900 HP – naturally aspirated

• Supports up to 1400 HP – forced air induction

• ORB-10 outlet port

• ORB-06 return port

• Incorporates factory jet siphon system and sending unit

• Includes an integrated 100-Micron Stainless Steel pre-pump filter

• Utilizes the factory tank, o-ring, lock ring and mounting location

• Includes all necessary fittings and hardware to plumb the pump into your tank.

Free Flow Rate: 600 lbs./hr.

Maximum Pressure: 90 psi

Aeromotive 18671

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