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Fast XFI Touch Screen Dashboard Data Logger

Product ID: FAS301417

FAST XFI Dash Data Logger

The XFI™ Touch Screen Dash/Data Logger features a 6-inch, fully programmable LCD touch screen display and has the ability to display its data in a multitude of scales, units and gauge configurations. Its backlit display can be user-customized to a wide variety of configurations at the touch of a finger or stylus. Engineered to work with any level of vehicle modification from stock to all-out race, the XFI™ Touch Screen Dash/Data Logger is able to monitor and display output from a variety of different input sources, including frequency (rpm, wheel speed etc.), analog input and sources that require programmable input parameters such as MAP and MAF. As a data logger, the unit has a 2 MB memory module that will store up to one hour of data.

*Allows for fine tuning of the TCU through the dashboard without a laptop

Simultaneous monitoring & data logging of up to 25 separate input channels

*8 analog inputs, 2 speed inputs, and programmable input parameters

*Logged data is viewable through display screen or downloadable via USB into C-COM XFI™ or other popular Windows based programs for convenient data manipulation and analysis

*2 PWM outputs configurable to drive a variety of useful accessories, including relays, shift lights, nitrous or boost control solenoids, etc.

FAST 301417

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