Boots On The Ground - Care Package Items Drop Off

Boots On The Ground - Care Package Items Drop Off

Posted by Brian Scott on Jul 20th 2017

All of us at SK Speed recognize the struggles that US Veterans face every day. We believe that no Veteran should face the hardships of hunger, homelessness, or carrying the burdens of suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

These unfortunately are the issues that our military Veterans deal with upon returning home after fighting for our country, although the fight may have never left these men and women who have put their lives on the line for the freedoms we all know and enjoy.

Boots on the Ground NY is a team of Veterans who live by these morals in which they themselves know all too well the sacrifices that are made, and work vigorously to ensure that the level of dedication given by any veteran should be rightfully matched in any aspect of a veteran's transition back home. SK Speed Racing Equipment has been humbled with the opportunity of taking part in the efforts that Boots on the Ground N Y and local communities have been working towards for many years. Boots on the Ground NY collects and delivers food, furniture and other goods to the Veterans who need it most, and with these Care Packages, access to certain items that we all take for granted are provided to military service men and women both at home and abroad! If you or someone you know is looking to help donate, SK Speed now in now a Care Package item drop off location. Be sure to stop in our store and pay it forward for our Military. For more information or how to get involved further with Boots on the Ground NY, please head to their website and/or follow them on Facebook. Any form of donation is deeply appreciated.

We are always looking for the following items to send to our brave heroes

Protein Powder / Protein Bars
K-Cups (Coffee/Tea/Cocoa) & Coffee Makers

Powdered Drink Mixes (Gatorade, Kool-Aid, Crystal Light)
Tuna/Chicken Salad (Foil Pouches/Ready-To-Eat Kits)

Beef Jerky, Slim Jim / Sunflower & Pumpkin Seeds

Wheat Thins, Ritz Crackers, Granola Bars, Cereal Bars, Rice Crispy Treats, Cliff Bars, Fig Newtons, Oreo's, Cheese & Crackers, Trail Mix, Dried Fruit, Fruit Roll-Ups, Mixed Nuts, Condiments, Spices & Dressings, Caffeinated/Energy Gum/Candy

Lip Balm, Chap-Stick/Blistex, Body Wash, Soap, Facial Cleanser, Deodorant (Travel Size), Sun block, Mouthwash, Cough Drops, Nail Clippers, Shoe Insole Gels, Motrin, Aspirin, Vitamins, Bug Repellent, Staple guns, Adhesive Wall Hooks

iTunes Gift Cards, DVD's (New/Used), XBOX, PS2, PS3, PSP Games (New/Used)
USB Flash Drives, Camera Memory Cards, Portable CD Players, Head-phones, Crossword Puzzles, Books, Soduku, Poker Chips, UNO, Checkers, Nerf Balls, Wiffle Bats, Balls/Â’Mitts, Freebies, Hacky Sacks