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Twin Turbo LS Swapped Fox Body Mustang Build

Twin Turbo LS Swapped Fox Body Mustang Build

Jan 2nd 2018

This Fox Body Mustang build in progress features a 370 cubic inch LS Motor with custom designed hydraulic rollers and a Pitbull Tuning and Performance Cam Shaft.The ATI Super Damper helps to eliminate any parasitic horse power loss.

Custom fabricated twin turbo setup with water-to-air intercooler, twin 76mm turbos on Maven Performance mid-frame turbo mounts, complemented with two 44mm. waste gates.A unique rear mounted radiator was incorporated into this build.

TH400 Transmission with trans-brake and Hurst Shifter as well as a Pro Torque torque converter helps launch the car from the line.Competition Engineering drag shocks and Hoosier Slicks keep it on the track.

A full cage helps protect the driver, while the custom orange paint job and body work by John Passanante makes the car look real good, but most people will only see the tail lights.